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Uses for celofan

Among the earliest applications for celofan wrap is for storage and packaging of food products. This unique purpose of the celofan continues to be even today, even though some companies have actually looked to synthetic for the purpose that is same. Nevertheless, the usage of celofan as a packaging product expands beyond food products. Just about all customer products are able to utilize celofan for packaging.

There are many different other applications for celofan. Adhesive tapes, such as 3M's Scotch tape, utilize celofan being a base for their items. You can find people who use printed celofan for gift wrapping. celofan is also used being a barrier that is semi-permeable battery cells.

Beauty spas employ celofan place for locks and cellulite treatments. Into the realm of medicine, celofan can be used as semi-permeable tubing for dialysis. With this kind of track that is impressive, people continues to utilize celofan being an crucial product for industry.
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celofan is a clear grease-resistant and film that is moisture-resistant from viscose. It was developed with a Swiss textile engineer in 1911. In 1913, France started to produce it for a scale that is large. It became the initial moisture-resistant and packaging that is flexible the entire world. However, following the innovation of polyethylene within the 1950s, celofan began to be changed by this brand new product.

celofan bolsas are typically used for foods (meats, cheeses, candy, cookies, etc.), as well as for small gift suggestions and cards (greeting cards, florist cards). celofan packages are often used to wrap gifts for events and vacations (birthday, wedding, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, etc.). They may be colored or clear, as well as preprinted or custom printed. They can be gusseted or flat, also as square or cone-shaped. You may also find celofan packaging that is biodegradable.


Polyethylene (polythene) is just a synthetic made by polymerization of ethylene. Today, this synthetic is considered the most plastic that is manufactured the entire world. This product can look white or transparent(depending on its thickness). Its more resistant and durable to elements than celofan. Its utilized in bulletproof vests, ships, ATVs, and cartilage replacements in medication. Polyethylene was invented in 1899 by a German engineer, however it stayed in oblivion until 1933. By the 1950s, it became the absolute most material that is popular packaging and started to replace the less durable celofan bolsas.